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Strong momentum for Katalysen and its stakeholders

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Posted 05 Aug 2018 by Peter Almberg

Dear All,

We wanted to share with you some important developments and exciting news.

With the business model designed by Peter Almberg two years ago and with Heiner Weber joining just over a year ago, Katalysen is continuing to grow and successfully executing on its strategy. In April banking veteran Hanse Ringström came on board adding experience and a global network.

Both Peter and Heiner were involved in the first wave of FinTech innovation, in Sweden through Servisen and in Switzerland through QT Optec. Both Servisen and QT Optec capitalized on the emergence of derivative instruments and embedded electronic exchange solutions, and there are a number of parallels within the business environment today. As our society reaches an inflection point for financial innovation, heralded by the adoption of new digital instruments, there are many exciting opportunities for Katalysen and its partners.

Today, Katalysen’s business is focused on adding value-generating stakeholders to private growth companies, such as strategic partners, investors and clients.

Katalysen has a track record of spotting companies where our competencies, experience and skill can add significant value. This is clearly demonstrated by the value appreciation in our portfolio companies. We expect the allocation of FinTech companies in the portfolio to increase.

One of our FinTech related projects is the development of an innovative digital instrument drawing on the experience gained from electronically traded derivatives and adopting it to a world where digital instruments and new assets such as electronic currencies emerge. Used appropriately such an instrument could potentially be used in the future to fund growth companies. Moreover, through smart-contract technology, the instrument will increase investor protection, automatically distribute fees, dividends and other pay-outs. In an enhanced version, the embedded smart-contract can further automate KYC (Know-Your-Client) and AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) due diligence processes.

With established operations in Stockholm and Geneva, Katalysen is now actively looking to add one or more locations over the next twelve months. New locations will be added to strengthen Katalysen’s core competencies and locations in Asia and in Southern Europe are currently being evaluated.

With a decided roadmap and with strong leadership Katalysen is well positioned to execute on its strategy.

We want to highlight certain key events during the last three months:

Katalysen is proud to announce that Hanse Ringström has joined the team

Hanse brings with him four decades of international banking experience and an extensive network in AsiaPacific and Scandinavia. Hanse joins the Board of Directors of Katalysen and will also take an active role in our portfolio companies.

Katalysen has joined the blockchain technology specialist Alta Gradus AB as a partner and shareholder

We see a number of opportunities, particularly in the Swiss market, where Katalysen and Alta Gradus jointly can capitalize on Switzerland’s leading position as a centre for cryptographic assets and blockchain technology.

United Spaces has successfully closed its financing round

Katalysen is a firm believer in the positive benefits of the co-working and utilisation of shared office space. United Spaces position as Sweden’s preeminent provider makes the company ideally placed to extract value from this growing trend. Katalysen has during the last year acted as a Senior Advisor to United Spaces.

Stockholm 2018-08-05

Peter Almberg and Heiner Weber