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Katalysen is proud to support Conser in its digital developments and international deployment

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Posted 23 Nov 2018 by Peter Almberg

The financial industry is facing profound changes, both structural and regulatory. Investors’ needs and preferences follow the current societal movements, namely: a growing demand for transparency, easy access to digitalized investment solutions, and increased sensitivity for sustainable investment.

Aware of this evolution and willing to seize opportunities, Conser has partnered with Katalysen to accelerate the digitalization of its tools and strengthen its presence outside of Switzerland.

Conser is a Geneva advisor 100% dedicated to responsible investment. The company provides tools and services for institutional investors, foundations and asset managers in the adoption, implementation and monitoring of a sustainable investment policy. Conser is considered the Swiss expert in sustainable finance.

The company is a founding member of Sustainable Finance Geneva and Swiss Sustainable Finance, the two reference associations for promoting sustainable finance in Geneva and Switzerland. It is also one of the first financial companies certified Bcorp, the global label of responsible companies.