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Impact Investing matters, what is missing?


Combining doing good and investing matters. Creating stakeholders for projects that have positive impact is crucial.

In a lecture for the finalists in connection with United Nations #Accelerate2030 (#SDG) program we explained certain aspects, like due diligence, from the investors point of view.

The truly outstanding finalists came from all over the world, from Cambodia, Brazil, Rwanda, South Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Turkey and the Philippines. Together with the impact investment expert Risto Väyrynen and the communications specialist Erkki Izarra, Katalysen had the privilege to host a workshop about aspects around investor readiness at Geneva’s ImpactHub.


All projects of the finalists were not only investable, but extraordinary. But, still many were struggling with funding. It became clear during the discussions with the finalists that the often difficult relationship between projects and investors has to be bridged. And I believe that this is best achieved by the use of fintech, specifically crowdfunding technology. Impact investment projects need stakeholders. They need funding. They need technology. Technology that connects projects with investors and allows for seamless and transparent investing. This technology should also include intelligent matching algorithms. It is the technology piece that is missing.

By Heiner Weber

Impact Investing matters, what is missing?

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