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AI was huge at Gartner Barcelona


By Heiner Weber


Being present at such a symposium reminded me once again of the sheer complexity of the tech world, which in a way, explains why successful projects need optimal teamwork and a project-leadership that is only focussed on the end result, namely to make the client satisfied.

Gartner, the organizer and specialist consulting firm, presented their “Top 10 Strategic Predictions” of which half were connected to AI. Gartner’s concern, interestingly, is the use of AI to produce false information, what they call “counterfeit reality” and the use of AI to detect false information. Gartner forecasts that 2018 and beyond, 50% of the population will consume more false information than true.

The system I liked best, though, was the new AI suite of Microsoft, which showed an intelligent application which would detect – based on video – your gender and age. The system’s estimate of my age was very favourable. That made my day.


In connection with Katalysen’s cooperation with IPsoft and my capacity as senior advisor, I had the opportunity to spend three days at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona.

IPsoft is regarded as the leading Artificial Intelligence company specialised on digital employees. IPsoft’s cognitive agent Amelia was the star of the symposium.

Many visitors came to the IPsoft presentations, where the cognitive abilities of Amelia were showcased and her ability to act like a human employee were demonstrated. Augmented intelligence, by software such as Amelia, will, without doubt, increase the productivity of the economy and lead therefore to a massive transformation. In my opinion, it is crucial for national economies to embrace that change, to create a legal and regulatory framework that will promote augmented intelligence.

In general, I would say, that the focus of this symposium was mostly on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Digital Twins. Of course, there were also a lot of companies showing the more traditional software solutions.

AI was huge at Gartner Barcelona

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