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CIG thematic day about AI


Heiner had the honor to chair the Geneva Investor Circle’s (CIG) thematic day about artificial intelligence earlier this year. The CIG is one of the prominent Swiss investor platforms that connects  family offices, VCs, angel investors with companies. Heiner, representing Katalysen, is on the committee of the CIG.


With the help of the cognitive engineers of IPsoft, Heiner could show a conversation with an intelligent robot. Certain questions were handled well by the robot, others, like “What do you think about President Trump?” resulted in less useful answers. The technology that we showed was the cognitive agent Amelia. Amelia is arguably the most advanced digital employee, a technology which is based on the latest advances in natural language processing, the most difficult discipline in AI. We could show how the robot understands intent and how the robot understands emotions. For many participants, this was absolutely unique.

During the thematic day, several AI related companies were presented that are in the process of raising funds, mainly of the type ‘Series A’. Given the proximity of the ETH, the highest ranked university within continental Europe, many such companies were associated with academic research and are university spin-offs. Companies spanned AI driven image processing for optimizing large scale agriculture to managing fleets of self driving cars.

Katalysen 2018-01-25

CIG thematic day about AI

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