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CIG thematic day about MedTech


The Investor Circle Geneva (CIG) is a private platform that connects entrepreneurs looking for financing to family offices, VCs and angel investors.

Katalysen, represented by Heiner, is member of the committee; the committee has several tasks; firstly, it pre-evaluates companies that are submitted, secondly, it originates interesting companies to be presented and thirdly, it decides about the program, memberships and other organisational affairs.


It hosts thematic days and general meetings, about every 2 months. We wrote earlier about Katalysen’s chairing of the AI day.

To clarify, during the CIG meetings, companies are presented that are active in the process of raising capital.

Katalysen participated on the medtech day on March 14.

During the medtech day, same as during the AI day, the quality of the companies introduced to the investors was staggering. New ways to diagnose diseases, new methods to design more efficient flu vaccines, a technology to forecast side-effects of radiotherapy and the use of big-data were presented. It creates a good feeling to see all these outstanding brains working on rendering the management of our health much more efficient.

Companies were both from the Lausanne Biopole and the Lyon biopole. The CEOs of both biopoles were present and gave an overview of their respective biopole’s entrepreneurial activity in connecting start-ups with academia or helping academic researchers to spin-off and incorporate as a start-up.

Medtech is especially interesting for Katalysen due to its relationship with Vironova, a company in the forefront of diagnostics and data imaging and due to our involvement with IPsoft, a leading AI company, that will change the way we interact with caregivers.

Medtech is a sector that creates interest. A partner of the well known VC fund Neomed explained the participants the difference between the US and European funding situation. What became obvious, is that the US is far advanced and Europe has to pick up. Both Sweden and Switzerland are ideally poised to benefit from the foreseen upturn in venture financing in Europe. The game is on!

Heiner Weber 2018-03-18

CIG thematic day about MedTech

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