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Katalysen and Partners has joined the Blockchain Expert Company Alta Gradus


Katalysen has been following the development in relation to Distributed Ledger Technologies for a while and been looking for partners in this segment. We have been looking for a partner with expert knowledge both within Blockchain and AI. Alta Gradus is exactly that!

Alta Gradus has a business model to develop Proof of Concept (PoC) to its customers and partners and from there develop a longterm business relationship. Katalysen likes this hands-on approach.


A PoC from Alta Gradus aims to quickly and accurately illustrate and verify a technical solution to a known business opportunity/problem. The purpose of the PoC is also to approach a complete solution both cost-effectively and in the fastest feasible way. At the same time the PoC eliminates risks (technical, competence and organizational).

Alta Gradus vision is to be the leading Blockchain expert with exceptional competences within deep technology, business development and strategy.

Katalysen will among other things introduce Alta Gradus on the swiss market. Katalysen also has solid knowledge, experience and network within the FinTech segment where the future use of Blockchain technologies will revolutionise business.

* Picture above showing areas and businesses where Blockchain technology has an obvious future.

Katalysen & Partners has joined the Blockchain Expert Company Alta Gradus

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