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Katalysen initiates cooperation with partner in Barcelona


Katalysen and Juan Martinez de Tejada have entered into a partnership.

Together with Juan, who has been active as an investor and venture fund manager in the region for more than 20 years, we will develop interesting cross-border opportunities between Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

Katalysen considers Spain and especially Barcelona an interesting region with many venture opportunities and potentially new Stakeholders for our portfolio companies. Barcelona scores high in Europe as innovation hub (4th), attractiveness for founders (3rd) and for its funding activity of private investment offices.


Katalysen and Juan have a deep understanding of the other’s culture. Juan was involved in various cross-border transactions with Swiss and Swedish founders and investors, most notably in context of TMC, a tele-medicine venture. Heiner and Peter have worked with Spanish investors in the past.

In addition to the obvious possibilities, the single most important reason for both parties to initiate this cooperation is that the chemistry feels right and that there is mutual trust.

Katalysen initiates cooperation with partner in Barcelona

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