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Katalys - Unique digital instrument to monetize influence and choice


Proud to be the first to issue a digital instrument that increases the value of owning corporate shares . The instrument is named ’Katalys’. The Katalys extends the shareholder’s influence and choice beyond the traditional annual voting process.

The aim of the Katalys is to monetize choice and influence. Its function is based on a digital instrument and a smart wallet, whereby each shareholder of the issuing company, Katalysen & Partners AB to start with, will be granted an allotment of the issued Katalys cryptographic digital asset that is proportional to his/her underlying ownership in the firm. Each allotment of the Katalys is held in a smart wallet, called the ‘Stake’. Thus owners of Katalys type digital rights become ‘Stake holders’.

The Stake wallet and associated identification structures will allow to include Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) functions.
The Stake wallet will furthermore allow to hold similar digital instruments as the Katalys issued by companies that license the technology from us.

When the firm reports results, shareholders who choose to receive the associated cash return will forfeit a portion of their Katalys asset. Shareholders who choose to keep the return invested, keep their entire amount of Katalys. The number of Katalys forfeited against the cash return will be determined by an auction algorithm or set by the issuing company.

From time to time, the firm will engage shareholders to consider specific issues and decisions. Shareholders who fail to participate and make their opinion known, will also forfeit a portion of their Katalys asset. A smart contract will observe each user’s action or inaction and destroy a calculated number of Katalys asset from the inaccessible wallets of user’s who did not participate fully.

Over time, shareholders who prefer to keep the Katalys asset instead of getting cash payments and participate in each conversation and vote, will gain greater influence in the group as their relative percentage of the existing Katalys becomes larger.

We expect that a number of our portfolio companies will also implement the digital incentive system to not only promote further engagement from its stakeholders, but also to offer its stakeholders individually the choice on the form of their cash return. Those instruments will also be held in the Stake wallet. The Katalys is mainly targeted towards privately held companies.

Annie Stacks, Inc, a financial technology developer in Seattle, Washington will architect the software.


You find Press Release & Innovation Announcement on where you also will be able to follow our technological progress.


Katalysen & Partners AB sees great potential in this unique digital instrument to monetize influence and choice.
“A company that offers its owners more influence and choice will, in the long run, have an easier time to raise funds.” – Peter Almberg.
“Monetizing choice and influence are practical applications of digital contracts and this can be considered as an innovative new type of digital asset.” – Heiner Weber.


Raymond Monner, CEO of Annie Stacks, Inc. said about the project,
“The Katalys model allows the leaders of a company to focus a bright light on the issues that are most pressing, and ensure that stakeholders of the company are really paying attention at the key moments when a firm most needs the input from its stakeholders. To represent something intangible like influence as a cryptographic asset, and as an asset that becomes more scarce over time is incredibly innovative. The Katalys paves the way for a whole new way of thinking about stakeholder engagement and corporate governance.”


Annie Stacks, Inc is a Washington, USA startup technology firm founded by Raymond Monner, Kaitlin Kovacevich and a team of 7 globally distributed professionals in April of 2018. The firm builds and deploys elegant financial technology. The company’s core product, “Stacks AI” is a mobile digital wallet that is designed to radically transform how the individual interacts with money and allocates their assets through time.


Stockholm, Sweden & Seattle Washington, USA. November 9th, 2018.

Katalys – Unique digital instrument to monetize influence and choice

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