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Payer and Urbangreen on Pepins


For Urbangreen it is the second time it chooses Pepins to attract new stakeholders. The Urbangreen products are beneficial for the environment, property owners and residents. In addition to the cleaning and disposing of water and increasing biodiversity, it is a good deal. Urbangreen makes this new share issue to increase the production capacity of products with high margins. Katalysen is engaged in Urbangreen as an Advisor to help it grow and create value for its stakeholders.


As a Stakeholder in Payer and Urbangreen Katalysen is pleased to see that both companies are now live on the Pepins platform.

Payer is preparing itself for becoming a leading Fintech company for payments in the B2B segment. This campaign on Pepins is done to increase the number of stakeholders in the company and raise the awareness of the brand and opportunity for e-commerce in the business to business segment. Electronic payments between companies will grow tremendously in size the coming years. There is no clear leader in B2B e-commerce payments. Katalysen’s aim is to increase the likelihood of Payer taking the lead and lion’s share of this market.

Payer and Urbangreen on Pepins

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