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Payers fundraising campaign is now fully subscribed


Payer has successfully closed their funding round on Pepins having received around 10 MSEK from 550 stakeholders.

Payer provides a payment platform for digital payment experiences in b2b commerce. Customer registration and payment processes within B2B e-commerce are in need of flexible and adaptable technical solutions instead of standardised solutions. As a solution Payer has developed a full-service platform for payments within B2B e-commerce based on combinable modules.

At Katalysen we will work hard to help Payer and its management to take the company to a leading position within the B2B segment. We believe our strong and international network and experience helping companies execute their growth strategy will help Payer reach its goals.

Katalysen is actively engaged in Payer as advisor and shareholder with the mission to create growth and value. Together with all stakeholders we are looking forward to see Payer reach the next level.

See: Payer on Pepins in (Swedish):

Payers fundraising campaign is now fully subscribed

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