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Alternative Investments for Family Offices


Private investors have always been important for funding of ideas and projects, because they can think a bit more out-of-the-box than institutions which are often bound to many internal rules and predefined boxes.

Every year Campden’s Family Alternative Investment Conference in London brings such private investors, their investment offices and/or family offices together with the aim to foster an exchange of experiences and to learn from each other.

Heiner was asked to share Katalysen’s experiences on the panel “Digital Economy Developments”, where investments in new technologies and innovation were discussed. We agreed to the strong interest in innovation and tech amongst private investors, however, we agreed also that a fear exists because of high valuations, especially in the US. Therefore, smaller companies, not on the radar of the large VC funds, in Europe are genuinely interesting.

As a consequence, Katalysen was approached by various investors regarding the investment into private growth companies in Sweden and Switzerland.

The conference was highly interesting, lining up some of the most successful inventors and largest family offices of the planet. Also, new technologies were shown, for example (see picture) a space rover, which will work in a swarm to explore the surface of the moon in order to later expand the human living sphere beyond the Earth.

However, at least for the moment, Katalysen prefers to stay well grounded in Sweden and Switzerland.

Alternative Investments for Family Offices

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