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Boardeaser and Katalysen as partners


Katalysen has recently engaged in a new partnership together with Boardeaser, Sweden’s largest Digital Board Portal.We are very excited to partner up with such an impactful and innovative company. We tried out Boardeaser’s solution and became instantly hooked, now we use it for all our own financial reporting, board work and also as our shareholder register.

Katalysen believes that Boardeaser’s solution can, with its smart features and structured processes, bring the same great business value to all our portfolio companies as it has done to us.

Boardeaser - Your digital board portal.
Boardeaser simplifies board work and streamlines your reporting.With Boardeaser the board gets more efficient board meetings, better financial reporting and secure document storage, all in the same place. Add-on features include shareholder register, contract management and e-signature of annual report, to mention a couple.Try it for free today!

Boardeaser and Katalysen as partners

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