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AltaGradus - Deep Tech deals


Alta Gradus AB ( delivers tailored solutions and exceptional customer value based on in-depth knowledge of Deep Tech such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity & Cyber AI and Blockchain & DLT.

The company has recently signed a deal with Darktrace (, world leader in Cyber AI, and will represent Darktrace as a partner in Sweden and Switzerland.

AltaGradus has also signed a strategic contract with a leading UK-based business intelligence firm. The collaboration includes the development of an analytics tool, which allows the tracking of digital assets, something that is a growing need for banks and other financial intermediaries.

Whilst many firms has in-depth knowledge in a few verticals of Deep Tech, Katalysen observes a strong demand for broad and in-depth knowledge, something that AltaGradus has within Deep Tech. Combining that with AltaGradus' exceptional development expertise, Katalysen is very excited for both the present and the future of AltaGradus. Katalysen is also pleased that the company has attracted such a strong team, which is led by Rikard Lundborg (CEO) and Arnold Andersson (CTO).

AltaGradus - Deep Tech deals

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