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Alaco Analytics Ltd. with Katalysen as founding partner


Alaco, a leading business intelligence company headquartered in the UK, has launched an innovative new service, Alaco Analytics, to apply its expertise in due diligence to digital assets. Katalysen has been invited to be a joint venture partner.

Alaco Analytics is developing tools and services to enable its clients to perform due diligence in the digital space. At Katalysen we are looking forward to taking an active role in adding value to this fintech/regtech unit of Alaco.

Katalysen has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and digital financial instruments both as a fintech itself and also through its partnerships/portfolio companies. Professor Alexander Lipton, Chief Technical Officer of SilaMoney and a Connection Science Fellow at MIT, brings further experience as a strategic advisor and partner.

Alaco Analytics is a needed building block in implementing proper due diligence and compliance in the digital asset space. We are super excited to see it develop and grow. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

Alaco Analytics Ltd. with Katalysen as founding partner

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