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Katalysen collaborates with Xinova


Xinova is the leading innovation company, leveraging a proprietary network of over 10,000 best-in-class inventors, technical experts, and research institutions from over 100 countries to bring innovation to its clients, which include Pepsi, AkzoNobel, Hyundai and many others including governments and startups.
Xinova is headquartered in Seattle with seven overseas offices in Asia and Europe.

Xinova was founded in 2017 when it acquired the invention network originally developed at Intellectual Ventures. That network produced over 5,000 patents and over a dozen startups. Xinova’s CEO Edward Jung was Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect and is one of the most prolific inventors in history, with more than 1,000 patents in his name. The Executive Chairman of Xinova is Jorma Ollila, the former Chairman and CEO of Nokia and former Executive Chairman of Shell, which also explains Xinova’s interest in the Nordics and energy.

Xinova is incorrectly categorized as an Intellectual Property company by Crunchbase, however, Katalysen would rather describe Xinova as a network orchestrator, bringing together innovation, capital, demand and technology from all over the world to produce innovation outcomes for its customers.

For Katalysen it is inspiring to work together with this global innovation powerhouse. Collaboration projects include technology transfer and global business development, extending the reach of the customers and portfolio of Katalysen.

Edward Jung: ”We look forward to accelerate our cooperation with Katalysen, especially as we both share optimism regarding the impact on society of innovation, networks and technology.

Heiner Weber: “We are definitively a good fit, because Katalysen, like Xinova, strongly believes in the power of networks. Katalysen will soon launch our VenturePort network, that connects companies, owners and investors. Combining VenturePort and Xinova’s network creates unlimited possibilities, which fuels a positive outlook for the future.

(Edward, Peter and Heiner in Stockholm on the 20th of March, 2019)
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Katalysen collaborates with Xinova

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