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Blockchain Live, KYC and AML


Heiner visited together with Henry Burrows, the co-founder CEO of Alaco Analytics, the Blockchain Live conference in London. Alaco Analytics, where Katalysen has a 20% stake, is active in the rapidly growing sector of due diligence, such as Know-Your-Client and Anti-Money-Laundering, regarding digital assets and payment tokens, such as Bitcoin. The technology used by Alaco Analytics is developed by AltaGradus, a deep tech partner company, where Katalysen also owns a significant stake of 25%. AltaGradus has successfully developed two modules that allows to screen blocks in the blockchain and to find suspicious transactions.

Alaco, who is a leading business intelligence company headquartered in London, who owns 60% of Alaco Analytics, provides deep knowledge and real-world experience in due diligence and a network of long-standing client relationships.



It was positive for us to experience the interest of all sorts of members of the digital payment token ecosystem for intelligent due diligence. It is necessary and great to see that this new world of finance now is adapting and hooking into the existing infrastructure. During the conference Heiner had a profound discussion with Paolo Tasca, the founder of the well-known University College London’s Centre of Blockchain Technology. Paolo has a strong interest in compliance issues related to blockchain. From Heiner’s discussion with Paolo it became even more clear that Alaco Analytics will become significant in the future. Henry, on the photo with Heiner, was spoton when he came to Alaco and Katalysen with his idea regarding due diligence in the digital space. Katalysen expects positive news from both Alaco Analytics and AltaGradus in the near future.

Blockchain Live, KYC and AML

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