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Working together to innovate the private investment market


Kaptena Sverige AB and Katalysen & Partners AB have initiated a collaboration regarding VenturePort where Kaptena will provide shareholders in VenturePort their unique ownership solution.

Because every company on VenturePort have gone through a light Due Diligence and since their shareholder register has to be correct, Kaptena can provide their services more efficiently to companies on VenturePort.


Kaptena’s goal and vision is to improve the business environment and make it easier to start, operate, own and invest in private companies in general.

More specifically Kaptena has developed a new ownership form for unlisted securities. It is a capital insurance where profits, dividends and interest income are tax-free. In return, a low annual return tax is paid on the value of the unlisted securities.

It is important to give the owners of unlisted securities the same terms and conditions and options as those who invest in listed companies.
- Jesper Strandberg CEO Kaptena

Katalysen is aiming at filling the gaps between listed and unlisted companies by reducing friction on the private investment market. Kaptena has a great solution to fill one of these gaps.
- Peter Almberg CEO Katalysen


Working together to innovate the private investment market

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