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Stefan Backlund joins Katalysen as new Partner and CMO


We are very happy to share the news that Stefan Backlund, a long-time marketing professional at companies such as Klarna, Philips and Trustly has joined Katalysen as its newest Partner and CMO.

The Chief Marketing Officer position at Katalysen is established now that Stefan joins the team. Stefan brings key knowledge in a wide spectrum of marketing and communication areas in both B2B and B2C. He will primarily be an asset to Katalysens portfolio companies as an advisor in marketing strategy and organisational architecture for commercial operations.

Stefan is an active early-stage investor in a number of tech startups and has been working in the fintech space the last 7 years, most recently as the VP Marketing role at Trustly, a leading Swedish payments company.

“Stefan is a great addition to our team. He has knowledge and experience we were missing and share our views of partnerships and values. After six months of learning to know each other I am super happy that Stefan has joined Katalysen. I have already seen the great value he brings to companies we work with.”, says Peter Almberg, founder and CEO.”

“Katalysen believes that the shortest time to early-stage success is when your investor is also your partner. I immediately found a cultural match in Katalysen and share the vision of the venture partner company. Katalysen is true to their words, the only thing that matters is to work actively in the companies they engage in. I’m also impressed by the people Katalysen is attracting. Their networks in global technology and capital markets is incredible”, says Stefan Backlund

Katalysen has now five partners; Peter Almberg, founder and CEO: Heiner Weber, Managing Partner; Hanse Ringström, Chairman; Joachim Helbig, CFO and Stefan Backlund, CMO.

In the operations team Jakob Qvick, Tobias Mathiasen and Holger Trollborg has blended roles as analysts and project managers.

The senior advisors to the company consist of a global network of entrepreneurs, scientists and professionals within finance and banking.

Stefan Backlund joins Katalysen as new Partner and CMO

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