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Katalysen launches VenturePort, an invite-only digital network


"For all my professional life, I have pondered over how to best help smaller private companies. In contrast to publicly held companies, who already have a vast functioning ecosystem, smaller private companies were left with nothing to lean on except themselves.

That has changed.

Now, the financial market for smaller private companies is growing. Crowdfunding platforms, stock exchanges for smaller companies, and other players such as corporate finance firms, business law agencies and investment banks are starting to provide services which are tailored for smaller private companies."

Katalysen wants to take it one. step. further.

We have, for the past 9 months, been developing an invite-only digital platform for Katalysen's network of smaller private companies, their shareholders and selected stakeholders. We call it VenturePort.

VenturePort is an invite-only digital network that generates value for its participants by leveraging connectivity and economies of scale, allowing VenturePort to increase the quality and contribution of each member and thus create even more utility for its participants.

Very soon, we will invite the first users into VenturePort and we are extremely proud of our techpartner @Auga Solutions for their amazing work and for embarking on this journey together with us.

We do this to become an even better Venture Partner.

Katalysen launches VenturePort, an invite-only digital network

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