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Innovation and talent will power future geopolitics

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Posted 11 Mar 2019 by Peter Almberg

Edward Jung, Peter Almberg and Heiner Weber sharing hot topics in a cold Stockholm

Katalysen had the pleasure to spend time in Stockholm with Edward Jung, founder and CEO of Xinova. Xinova is a unique company focussed on the connectivity of intelligent innovation with the ever-shifting market demand. Xinova is headquartered in Seattle with offices in 10 other locations in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America and is offering a global market network in innovation.

Katalysen shares the view of Xinova that innovation and talent will become the main driver of geopolitics. For this reason, it is crucial for businesses and governments to have an intense exchange with such global specialists as Xinova.

Our discussions with Edward covered many hot topics, which was needed, as Stockholm welcomed us with cold winter weather.