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Sharpfin Joins Ventureport


Did you know, that the number of family offices has grown an estimated 10x since 2008? Yet the sector of wealth management is facing eroding margins, a result of low data automation and high regulatory pressure.

In 2015, Katalysen met the Stockholm-based Sharpfin team, an initiative to via innovative software enable cost efficient and compliant data & risk management for wealth managers. Fast forward till today, and Sharpfin AB is successfully operating a complete software solution for some of the industry's leaders, including Nordnet Bank.

Sharpfin's solution includes everything from digital client onboarding and KYC, to tailored advisory proposals, easy portfolio-, order-, and risk-management, and custom branded reporting portals and apps. Not only does this holistic solution enable administrative cost savings for wealth managers via the automated consolidation of client data and risk, but it also makes possible efficient up-and-down scaling of wealth managers when needed.

Katalysen is massively proud to call Sharpfin a partner, and to announce that Sharpfin has now joined VenturePort as the platform's third company member. To learn more about Sharpfin, and to access Sharpfin's profile on VenturePort, reach out to Katalysen at

Sharpfin Joins VenturePort

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