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A Partnership for the Future of Event Management


Katalysen is proud to announce a new partnership with Matchmeeting AB, the owner of InvitePeople, the leading platform for physical and digital event management. This partnership includes an investment by Katalysen into Matchmeeting AB, alongside the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry veteran Johan Stakeberg, to grow the InvitePeople platform into Europe's leading orchestrator of human-to-human interactivity via physical, digital, and hybrid events.

"InvitePeople have all the components required to become the number one choice in the market for enterprises and event organizers looking to combine the best of physical and digital events. Covid-19 has temporarily made much of the world digital-only, but the future is very likely a hybrid between physical and digital," said Katalysen CEO Peter Almberg on the occasion.

InvitePeople has been digitizing the largest of event makers for over 10 years and is now helping large enterprises such as IKEA, and organizations such as Business Sweden, to host more valuable digital, physical, and hybrid events (including full congresses) for teams, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

”We are currently witnessing an enormous demand for our digital solutions from event makers. We believe that this strong demand for digital solutions will continue, while shifting from digital-only towards digital solutions for hybrid (inter-connecting physical & digital) events during 2021. If we are right, InvitePeople is perfectly positioned to capture this transforming market,” explained Matchmeeting AB CEO Mats Storckenfeldt.

Katalysen’s Geneva based partner Heiner Weber will join the board of InvitePeople. He states: “There is significant demand for such a solution outside the Nordics. Two obvious sectors that clearly benefit from the protected data handling of InvitePeople are Health and Finance, of which we have prominent players in Switzerland, and of course in other countries we know well."

SaaS industry veteran Johan Stakeberg is co-investing alongside Katalysen: ”As an investor I am thrilled to join the exciting journey ahead. InvitePeople are uniquely positioned to provide "Hybrid Event Management”. The need for managing both digital and physical events in one single platform is exploding. Having their roots in physical events, and since some time also fully supporting digital events in the same platform, is a game changer!”

To learn more about InvitePeople, and how you can become part of InvitePeople's exciting journey in this exploding sector, don't hesitate to reach out to Peter Almberg at

A Partnership for the Future of Event Management

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