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Katalysen Prepares for Rapid Growth Ahead


Katalysen is growing, and we are making some upgrades in order to further enhance our ability to turn opportunities into great successes and enable rapid growth.

Starting today, Katalysen’s Jakob Eck and Tobias Mathiasen will assume the roles of Co-Heads of New Investments. Together they will ensure that Katalysen continues this exciting journey of growth, with Jakob focusing on the client side and Tobias on the investor side of our business.

To further support the organization and strengthen our value as Venture Partner, Katalysen is also initiating the process of locating two new talents to join the team.

Over the next years Katalysen will engage further in promoting Swedish ventures on the international market. Swedish startups are great, maybe the world's best, and they deserve a more transparent marketplace where foreign investors can compete with a clique of Swedish investors.

”It is great to see Katalysen growing up, getting organized and ready for further success. I am very much looking forward to support Tobias and Jakob in their new important roles and continue to lead our Venture Partner business to new highs.” - Peter Almberg

Katalysen Prepares for Rapid Growth Ahead

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