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Welcoming AEDC Capital to the Network


We are proud to announce that family-office AEDC Capital has joined Katalysen & Partners as a new shareholder. With presence in Stockholm, London, Vienna and Luxembourg, AEDC invests in companies that address some of the largest of macro growth opportunities. Such opportunities include structural changes in the banking market, the continued growth of eCommerce, the inherent re-alignment of the advertising market, and the explosion of data consumption.

“We invest in innovative people with innovative solutions, and we recognize the deep expertise and wide reach that rests within Katalysen’s network. To us, Katalysen has the potential to become an important partner as we strive to locate the most promising of growth opportunities and tie valuable expertise to our own network,” says Joachim Cato, Financial Director at AEDC.

This investment into Katalysen & Partners follows an earlier investment by Katalysen into Omnio, a company funded and supported by AEDC. Omnio provides a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is likely an example of the future of digital banking for banks and non-banks alike. The platform provides public cloud core banking functionality and transactional revenue alongside volume growth as institutions shift from expensive legacy systems to a new reality of greater cost-efficiency.

“As a venture partner and network company, Katalysen is always on the lookout for great synergy opportunities. We love to collaborate, this is how we work, and in AEDC we recognize a partner with a similar respect for the collaborative model of creating value. We are confident that just as Katalysen will be able to create value for AEDC’s network, so will AEDC be able to create value for Katalysen’s network,” says Katalysen’s Peter Almberg.

AEDC Capital to the network

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