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Welcome home - Katalysen opens the doors to VenturePort


In the first week of January, Katalysen & Partners moved into their new office spaces in VenturePort at WeWork Urban Escape in Stockholm.

VenturePort is an invite-only digital and physical platform for Katalysen’s network of private companies, their shareholders, and selected stakeholders. VenturePort will enable Katalysen and its clients and partners to work in a shared space. The space is located in direct connection to WeWork Labs, WeWork’s global community of startups and small businesses.

“VenturePort already exists as a digital platform and this move represents a large step in connecting it to a physical platform. VenturePort’s new office spaces is instrumental in the creation of a hybrid network, one that is both physical and digital”, says Peter Almberg, CEO Katalysen.

Throughout January, three more companies will move into VenturePort. Katalysen is happy to welcome our clients Swiperoom, Sharpfin, and InvitePeople to their new home at VenturePort!

Learn more about VenturePort.

Welcome home – Katalysen opens the doors to VenturePort

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