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New venture partnership with Meal Makers


Katalysen & Partners is pleased to announce that we have entered a Venture Partnership with the climate-friendly food distribution platform Meal Makers.

Meal Makers is a distribution platform that reduces food waste by offering schools, restaurants, and commercial kitchens to buy fully good food that would otherwise go to waste due to short shelf life or overproduction.

"Katalysen’s hands-on approach to company building, together with their vast international and domestic networks, will give Meal Makers the right conditions to thrive, and make the world a little more sustainable. We couldn’t be happier to continue our venture with Katalysen as a partner", says Christian Pettersson, Meal Makers.

In this Venture Partnership, Katalysen will help Meal Makers with commercialization, financial planning, and the development of their technology stack.

“Meal Makers was founded by a leadership team with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which has enabled the company to achieve impressive organic growth. Meal Makers creates value for three stakeholders at the same time, offering cheaper inputs for oftentimes economically strained kitchens, such as in restaurants and schools, opening up an additional distribution platform for producers, and at the same time helping the climate by reducing food waste”, says Katalysen’s Peter Almberg.

Would you like to learn more about Katalysen and our Venture Partnership model? Reach out at!

Announcing new venture partnership with Meal Makers

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