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New venture partnership with ConexBird


Katalysen & Partners is pleased to announce that we have entered a Venture Partnership with smart port venture ConexBird.


ConexBird is developing and deploying a solution to improve resource efficiency for containerized logistics. By providing an unprecedented level of detail in cargo container analysis, ConexBird can cut unnecessary time, costs, and emissions associated with their use.

“We are applying real-time vibration analysis and machine-learning algorithms to generate entirely new data. Katalysen complements our strengths with a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and strong growth capabilities. We are looking forward to joining forces and accelerating progress toward our mission of simultaneously increasing efficiency and decreasing CO2 emissions within the transport sector”, says Teuvo Heikkilä, CEO of ConexBird.

In this Venture Partnership, Katalysen will support ConexBird with commercialization and business development.

“ConexBird has developed a novel technology that addresses the needs of the vast and global shipping industry, both economically and environmentally. We are impressed by what the team has built so far — and look forward to their upcoming expansion and growth. In this partnership, we have cooperated with previous investor Butterfly Ventures, a leading seed-stage VC in the Nordics. Butterfly’s cooperative approach was instrumental in making this partnership happen, and they will be a great partner both to us and ConexBird”, says Katalysen’s Peter Almberg.

Would you like to learn more about Katalysen and our Venture Partnership model? Reach out at!

Katalysen nya partnerskap med contexbird

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