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Manico secures award-winning software partnership


We are proud to share that Katalysen partner Manico has secured a new partnership with the danish Alexandra Institute. Under the partnership, the Alexandra Institute will brand Manico’s interactive table platform as their “interactive table of choice” and resell Manico’s platform in their sales channels. Likewise, Manico will be able to offer the Alexandra Institute’s “WizeFloor” learning software on the Manico App Store.

WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive floor for education. It is designed to promote collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity. Originally used with a projector, this partnership is the first time that WizeFloor is offered on an interactive screen. The product builds upon research and product development at Aarhus University and the Alexandra Institute in Denmark since 2003. Throughout the entire process, Danish schools and day care centres have contributed significantly to the development of the product. The product has received a Red Dot Design Award as "Best of the Best in Education" under the name Wisdom Well. It has also been nominated for a Bett Award in 2016 in the category "ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – non web-based".

Norrköping (Sweden) based Manico was founded in 2012 as a designer and manufacturer of large classroom screens. As tablets became popular, Manico understood the value of gathering children instead of isolating them from each other. The founding trio (mother, father, and son) combined their respective expertise in teaching, engineering, and sales in order to develop an interactive table tailored specifically for children. Today, Manico builds and sells large interactive tables to schools and some of the world’s largest enterprises to promote collaborative learning among children.


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