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The Katalysen Spring Cohort of 2021


Six astonishing companies have joined us since the start of 2021, to reach the next level on their growth journey.

We’ve had a busy 2021! With the world being different, to say the least, adapting to digital means and finding new ways to connect has been absolutely essential.

As a Venture Partner, we have a core mission: To help young ventures solve problems, reach milestones, and ultimately grow stronger. Katalysen relies on its own skills and experience and that amassed within our network to successfully pursue this mission, allowing our clients to focus on that which they do best.

Of outmost importance to our mission is also the continued support of our shareholders and co-investors. These recognize the importance of helping more early-stage ventures succeed, and the great investment opportunities that such success journeys present.

Six astonishing companies have joined us since the start of 2021, to reach the next level on their growth journey. We proudly present the six new venture partnerships of Katalysen’s 2021 Spring Cohort:

As always, we invite our whole network to explore the ventures of our 2021 Spring Cohort – we think that each one offers a unique and highly interesting take on their specific sector.

1. Meal Makers

Sweden-based bulk food marketplace, reducing food waste by offering schools, restaurants, and commercial kitchens fully good food that would otherwise go to waste due to short shelf life or overproduction.

As a Venture Partner, we are currently helping to automate the Meal Makers platform and prepare the company for geographical expansion.

Interested in reducing food waste? Reach out to Meal Makers' CEO Christian at for more information.

2. Swiperoom

Sweden-based Swiperoom is building a marketplace for home and interior design, helping people create their dream home by matching inspiring content from realtors and influencers with attractive products within home and interior design.

As a Venture Partner and co-founder, we are adding our expertise in corporate governance and venture building to the team.

Looking for home inspiration? Reach out to Swiperoom's CEO Kurdi at

3. Manico

Sweden-based provider of large interactive multitouch tablets that create joyful and collaborative learning experiences for children, in order to stimulate active participation and collaboration. “Made in Sweden”, with a secured ownership of the whole production chain, means high quality and trust.

As a Venture Partner, we are currently helping Manico implement a new premium software and Device-as-a-Service strategy.

Looking for meaningful learning experiences? Reach out to Manico's CEO Carl at

4. ConexBird

Finland-based ConexBird are container data specialists, deploying oscillation technology and sensors in shipping ports to analyze the deep structure of shipping containers. By providing an unprecedented level of detail in cargo container analysis, ConexBird can cut unnecessary time, costs, and emissions associated with their use. They are developing and deploying a solution to improve resource efficiency for containerized logistics.

As a Venture Partner, we are currently helping to leverage ConexBird’s early customer successes to scale sales and involve strategic partners.

Are your containers structurally sound? Reach out to ConexBird's COO Nicholas at

5. Flinker

With over 30 years experience in the world of financing, Sweden-based Flinker creates cloud-based platforms which serve to create links between resellers and financial companies.

As a Venture Partner, we are currently helping Flinker to formulate and implement an expanded go-to-market strategy.

Are you in the vendor financing industry? Reach out to Flinker's CEO Niklas at

6. Näktergal

Näktergal is propelling the mortgage industry into the age of the cloud by replacing outdated banking systems. The Swedish fintech's intuitive end-to-end lending tech automates at every possible touchpoint. The company's digitised lending platform delivers efficiency, speed and transparency for lenders and borrowers - making mortgages better for everyone.

As a Venture Partner, we are helping Näktergal with strategic support, financial planning and business development.

Do you want to challenge the mortgage industry? Reach out to Näktergal's CEO Erik at for more information.


Today, we are engaged as a venture partner or active shareholder in 24 ventures (companies) from five countries across several different sectors. Katalysen's stake in these companies typically ranges from 10% to 20%.

Are you looking for a Venture Partner that can support your venture's growth journey? Katalysen will start admissions of its 2021 Autumn Cohort in August, but feel free to reach out anytime to our Co-Head of New Investments, Jakob Eck at

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