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Katalysen announces increased ownership in four SaaS companies


Katalysen has decided to increase its stake in four ventures, namely Payer, InvitePeople, Näktergal and Flinker. All four are onstrong growth paths, and Katalysen’s ownership stake (upside) is now around 15% in each of them. In addition, Katalysen has also decided to invest in WebbEss, a very promising venture with an interestingly positioned Homepage-as-a-Service offering.

  • About Payer: Established thought leader on the future of B2B payments. Platform business. FinTech. SaaS.
  • About InvitePeople: Established thought leader on larger events and meetings. Platform business. SaaS.
  • About Näktergal: Established thought leader on digital mortgages. Platform business. FinTech. SaaS.
  • About Flinker: Emerging thought leader on embedded asset finance. Platform business. FinTech. SaaS.
  • About WebbEss: Unique offering. Homepage-as-a-Service. SaaS.

Katalysen’s model and the resulting value generated is based on our ability to help business leaders develop their ventures into stars. We define a star as a venture that already is successful or has taken a unique very strong (leading) position in its segment of the market.

Our process for developing ventures with big potential into stars involves:

  1. Identifying a potential star in a very early stage
  2. Negotiating and agreeing on a 24 month venture partnership contract
  3. Venture building where Katalysen provides expertis and funding
  4. Making the venture investable for traditional growth capital investors

In the above process some companies fail, some succeed without becoming stars, and a few become stars.

New Venture Partnership: Payer, Näktergal, WebbEss, InvitePeople, Flinker.

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