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Decisions from shareholders' meeting


At yesterday's Extraordinary General Meeting (2021-10-05), two share issues were decided upon by Katalysen & Partners' shareholders. Both share issues have a share price of SEK48 per share, and both have options attached. The two issues were aimed at a few qualified professional investors and together amounted to SEK 19.9 million, of which SEK 14.9 million relates to the conversion of the recently raised loan, and SEK 5 million relates to a non-cash issue of shares in Matchmeeting AB (InvitePeople).

InvitePeople ( is the company in Katalysen's portfolio that is currently showcasing the strongest growth and value development, and we are very pleased that this opportunity to increase ownership in InvitePeople arose.

We would also like to remind our network that the part of the above share issue aimed at the public is still open, and that anyone can participate in this share issue at SEK 48 per share by visiting the following link:

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