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New venture partnership with Skawen


Katalysen is thrilled to announce that we have entered a venture partnership with the innovative ventilation company Skawen.

Skawen is a fast-growing technology company supplying smart, sustainable, and healthy indoor air solutions, providing its users both cost- and energy savings.

“At Skawen, we are excited to join this partnership with Katalysen & Partners. Katalysen brings complementary competence to our already diversified team in the areas of deep-tech, marketing, financing, and other strategic areas. Together we will continue to improve our offering of ventilation solutions with energy savings for facilities, as well as solutions for improved indoor air quality”, says Skawen co-founders Sten Mogard and Ragnar Paat.

In this venture partnership, Katalysen will support Skawen with matters relating to its technological roadmap, financial planning, commercialization, and business development.

“Improved air quality and energy savings are partial solutions to some of our time’s largest challenges – and both are aspects being solved by Skawen. The team comprises of sector experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, and Skawen has had an impressive journey in developing, building, and launching its products”, says Katalysen’s Peter Almberg.

Would you like to learn more about Katalysen and our venture partnership model? Reach out to us at contact@katalysen.com!

New venture partnership with Skawen

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