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Katalysen Ventures receives approval for listing and IPO

Katalysen Ventures receives approval for listing and IPO


We are proud to announce that Katalysen Ventures has been approved for listing on Spotlight Stock Market! Starting today, retail investors can subscribe for shares in Katalysen’s IPO. The subscription period ends 10 April 2022, and trading is scheduled to commence on 20 April. You can find the IPO teaser and memorandum on Katalysen’s new investor relations page.

CEO Peter had the following to say on the occasion: "Katalysen helps emerging companies grow and increases the likelihood of their success by providing the right expertise and experience, and by reducing the risk for investors in these early stages. We co-operate with both the companies and their investors as we believe that collaboration leads to better results. In order to obtain the best possible return, we work extensively with long-term stock options, which gives us a desired leverage. Since we have been operating for more than five years, we have managed to build a portfolio of more than 25 companies, which gives us the desired risk diversification. In our opinion, Sweden is the best in the world at creating sustainable companies and has an ecosystem that makes this possible. We have laid the foundations and now our growth journey is about to begin in earnest. You are welcome to join us on this journey!”

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