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Announcing partnership to promote the use of AI in medical diagnostics.

Announcing partnership to promote the use of AI in medical diagnostics.


Katalysen has been working for more than a year with leading medical, imaging and artificial intelligence experts on developing technology for advanced, machine-based, diagnostics in orthopedics. Given the encouraging results, Katalysen has decided to accept the invitation to participate as a co-founder in Swiss MedTech startup Med4cast which has been incorporated to encapsulate current and develop future intellectual property generated from the enterprise.

The vision of Med4cast is to become the leading AI diagnostic solution for specific medical fields, starting with orthopedics. Med4cast has access to large databases of medical data, consisting of patient data and images, which were built by our medical partners over decades.

Co-founders of Med4cast include Dr. Alex Lädermann (founder of BeeMed), Dr. Frank Kolo (co-founder of Radix), and the medical software company Kisano (led by Mr. Serge Rovenne). Moreover, Med4cast cooperates with leading research facilities, and has cooperation with IDIAP and UB Belgium. Collaboration possibilities are also discussed with ID4, which uses an advanced and unique visualization software developed at CERN. IDE4 and CERN were introduced by Katalysen to Med4cast.

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