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Katalysen Ventures announces complete incorporation of USA-based Katalysen Ventures Inc

Katalysen Ventures announces complete incorporation of USA-based Katalysen Ventures Inc


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 26 APRIL 2022 - As Venture Developer, Katalysen Ventures’ (“Katalysen”) main purpose is to help companies grow, not only in Europe but also in other international markets. On the 15th of October 2021, Katalysen announced that it would establish an office in San Francisco, USA. Katalysen can now announce that IT-veteran Marcus Wikars will be guiding and supporting Katalysen Ventures Inc. that now has been successfully incorporated.

As the co-founder and CTO of global interactive communications leader Auga Technologies, Marcus has deep experience developing patent-backed tech for the smartphone age, fashioned and informed by the notion that interactivity can help bridge the gap between offline and online communications. Marcus has, to date, worked with and delivered IT solutions to leading corporations and academic institutions, including Bank of America, Kantar, P&G, Pepsi, eBay, DLA Piper, Ford, the University of Oxford, and many more.

"Silicon Valley is the birthplace of modern technology and a melting pot for start-ups. More start-ups are born and fail in the Bay area than anywhere else. With the incorporation of Katalysen Ventures Inc. in the US, we will be able to offer our portfolio of ventures hands-on help with establishing themselves in the space there. With our in-house expertise and contacts, we are uniquely positioned to support our ventures’ launch into the US market," said Marcus on the announcement.

"As a solid example, we will have a running start as we support our portfolio venture InvitePeople ramp up their US sales operations. But like in the spirit of Silicon Valley, where giving back and paying it forward is a shared value, we also aim to help US companies that need support in expanding into the European market. By physically placing ourselves in the middle of San Francisco we can deliver upon both of these goals", he continued.

For more information on Katalysen Ventures Inc., please contact:
Marcus Wikars
E-mail: mw@katalysen.com
Web: www.katalysen.com

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