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Collaborative and engaging.
Manico's vision of wholesome digital experiences



Over the past few months, Katalysen and its creative division, Creative Labs, have been working together with Manico's founders to bring into focus and expand many key elements of Manico's business.

Over the past year and a half, Manico saw significant growth with a steady increase in sales and a geographical expansion into significant new markets such as the US, Canada, India, and Japan.

Central to the partnership between Manico and Katalysen has been a push to help Manico reach its full potential by expanding into subscription-based education and entertainment solutions, exploring various recurring revenue models with SaaS at its core. This project has included strategic planning, the review and acquisition of new software IP, and an updating of Manico's brand and web presence.

From conceptualizing to execution, applying creativity and design, Katalysen's Creative Lab helped Manico to deliver on its vision of superior educational and entertainment solutions for collaborative, engaging, and wholesome digital experiences

Manico is carving a unique product and market position and their products can be commonly found in schools, museums, hotels, malls, lobbies, waiting rooms, and wherever a digital playground or digital learning solutions are needed.

With new features to be added later this year, Manico's new website has now been launched to provide the backbone for future development and business initiatives.

Visit Manico at www.manicotouch.com to find out more.

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