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VenturePort launching Investor Relations-as-a-Service

VenturePort launching Investor Relations-as-a-Service


VenturePort, a Stockholm-based startup, has built an Investor Relations-as-a-Service platform focused on helping private companies communicate and connect with their shareholders. In addition, the platform also provides a cost-effective way to help said companies raise future funding.

According to IR Magazine, 93% of investors consider a company’s ability to communicate when making an investment decision. But many entrepreneurs fail to properly keep their shareholders up to date, stating it is difficult to coordinate, time-consuming, and even costly.

“At VenturePort we know that communication is an essential part of growing a business. Our SaaS based communication platform will encourage investments in transparent and informative private companies,” commented Jonathan Nathanson, Co-founder of VenturePort.

For their customers, the platform's service acts as an outsourced communications team, improving communications and thereby business value while saving time and company resources. In turn for the companies’ shareholders, VenturePort is a one-stop shop to receive the desired, ongoing and relevant information about their companies, while also exploring new investment opportunities.

“Lacking and time-consuming communication results in poorly informed investors that are less likely to invest or act as company ambassadors. At Katalysen we know this to be true. VenturePort's solution for elevating shareholders relations through a communication platform relieves this pain for ventures, shareholders, and new investors,” stated Peter Almberg, CEO of Katalysen Ventures.

Katalysen Ventures is a founding partner of VenturePort, owning more than 50% of the company, and provides hands-on business development support to the operational co-founding team.

Much technology development has been done during the past 9 months, including the beta launch of the platform's app which has had several pilot customers, and VenturePort recently recruited Joar Lindh, who is experienced in building and scaling companies from the ground up, as the company's new CEO. The official soft launch is planned for H2 of this year with many other substantial developments beginning in the coming autumn.

For additional information:
Jonathan Nathanson
VenturePort, Co-founder
+352 651 20 14 16

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