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Manico's expanded software offering



As part of our continuous collaboration with ed-tech superstars Manico, Katalysen Ventures is actively helping Manico to recruit talented developers with a focus on educational software and games.

During the past year, Manico has been showing significant sales and product offering growth while continuously expanding into new markets (US, India, Japan, etc) and establishing new partnerships.

As part of Manico's growing ecosystem of hardware and software, and in support of their SaaS offering, the company is putting together an in-house team of developers to complement and expand their offerings of cloud-based education solutions, games, and apps.

Manico is currently looking for developers skilled in C, C++, Python, C# Design skills and previous experience in Godot are a big plus.

If you are passionate about the intersection of gaming and education, or just curious to hear more about Manico and its products, please contact Yuval Ullmann at yu@katalysen. For co-investments opportunities, please contact Tobias Mathiasen at tm@katalysen.com.

To find out more about Manico visit https://manicotouch.com/

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