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Announcing Investment Manager

Announcing Investment Manager Emil Ahlanzberg.


Emil Ahlanzberg is assuming the role of Investment Manager at Katalysen Ventures. As a venture developer, Katalysen consists of three core modules: venture entry, venture development, and venture exit. In this new role, Emil will be responsible for leading Katalysen’s venture entry and venture exit operations. The former is primarily focused on sourcing & vetting of ventures, while the latter is focused on supporting ventures in exit readiness projects, work that often involves close collaboration with partners such as institutional investors, investment banks, and stock exchanges.

“It is an important step as Katalysen becomes a more established venture developer to invest additional time and resources into the rigour of our end-to-end investment processes – from those ventures entering our portfolio to those leaving. Emil has proven himself while refining our venture development operations over the last year and a half, and I can think of no better person to take up this new role”, says Katalysen Ventures CEO Peter Almberg.

Emil has in a few years accumulated experience from early-stage venture development and investing, not only in Stockholm and Geneva, but also on the fintech and VC scenes of Manila and Singapore. Emil’s background includes a BSc and MSc from Stockholm School of Economics and a MSc from National University of Singapore.

Are you an entrepreneur, investor, or perhaps a CEO in need of a partner to help develop a venture toward success? Reach out to Emil at ea@katalysen.com

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