Announcing Growth Lead Oskar Söderström


We are proud to announce the latest addition to our Stockholm team - Oskar Söderström, joining Katalysen Ventures in the role of Growth Lead.

As Growth Lead, Oskar will be responsible for optimizing growth across Katalysen's network. This includes a wide range of activities from expanding Katalysen's pipeline of venture development, co-investment, and M&A opportunities, to converting such opportunities into tangible value for Katalysen and its portfolio of ventures. The role also includes advising individual portfolio ventures on growth strategy.

As an entrepreneur, Oskar has helped shape several now well-established industries. During the early 2000s, he defined best practices around digital business growth at some of Northern Europe’s largest media houses. In 2008, he leveraged this experience to co-found, build, and eventually exit Admore, a trailblazer in the e-commerce communications vertical. In 2018, he joined blockchain leader Goobit as Group CEO and led the company toward a later listing on Nasdaq First North.

Oskar values simplification and execution as two primary tools used to cut through complex concepts and tech to ultimately understand what drives growth. Creating tangible growth and scaling toward profitability is a deep source of motivation for Oskar. He sees people as the finest asset a company can have, and once interests are properly aligned people become a force of nature to count on.

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