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Katlaysen prtfolio company InvitePeople reports strong progress in the German market

Huvudgata i Berlin på kvällen


Katalysen Ventures is excited to announce that portfolio company and event-tech leader InvitePeople has entered the DACH region, with the aim to replicate its Nordic-market success in the ten times larger German-speaking European market.

InvitePeople, the virtual platform for true digital and hybrid events and meetings, has formally entered the large German-speaking European market by acquiring a Berlin-based company with about 10 employees. This Berlin-based company has now been transformed from its previous event-related business to become the foundation for InvitePeople Germany, selling the InvitePeople platform and providing customers with region-specific service and support.

With the Berlin office up and running, positive traction has been swift, including the signing of breakthrough contracts with Brose (automotive industry leader with €7bn turnover) and Deutsche Bahn (300'000+ employees).

To ensure continued success in the DACH market, industry-veteran Anna Lindell has been recruited and will head up the role of Sales Manager. Additionally, new customer success managers and sales representatives have been onboarded to ensure that InvitePeople is well-positioned for continued sales success in the region.

Peter Almberg, CEO at Katalysen Ventures comments: "Katalysen Ventures has served as a long-term venture developer to InvitePeople, having helped guide the company through various strategic decisions over the last few years. As one of InvitePeople's larger shareholders, we are very happy to witness the great success in the Nordics, and the highly promising start in Germany."

About InvitePeople: InvitePeople is your end-to-end solution for any type of event, providing a virtual platform for true digital and hybrid events and meetings. Start with a single event and expand your license when you are ready to scale up. InvitePeople will work with you and your event team throughout the event process: from planning to execution and analysis. Everything is stored and managed on one platform, seamlessly and securely. Raise the level of your event strategy so you and your team can focus on making events and meetings that are engaging and good for business, now and tomorrow.

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