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Katalysen Ventures announces deal with fast-growing digital forensics company VALEGA Chain Analytics

Valega team


Katalysen Ventures AB (publ) is today proud to announce that it has become a partner and shareholder in fast growing block chain forensics company VALEGA Chain Analytics (”VALEGA”, “the Company”), via a sale of IP from its portfolio company Alaco Analytics.

VALEGA offers corporate customers an easy-to-use compliance tool, which analyses the data in monetary transactions and promotes greater transparency and security within the digital-asset sector. The company is exceptionally well positioned for the new regulatory framework dubbed ”Markets in Crypto Assets (MICA)”, which will successively enter into force between June 2023 and June 2024. VALEGA also offers a set of services within cryptocurrency forensics, a market that has grown substantially in the past couple of years. 

Sven Färm Martinsson, Founding Partner & CEO at Valega Chain Analytics, comments: “VALEGA has experienced a strong Q2 revenue growth YoY, with sales doubling, thanks to collaborative work with partners like Alaco, Softronic as well as some government collaborations for crypto forensics. Positive crypto market changes have greatly aided our SaaS model. VALEGA’s tech improvements helped boost our competitiveness, while the MiCA regulation drives more leads our way. Amidst the improved market sentiment, our vital solutions for financial firms, rising demand due to anticipated stricter crypto rules, coupled with a strong united front with Katalysen Ventures and Alaco highlighting our versatile offerings' importance in the global market is a fit made in heaven.”

The transaction is jointly made with Katalysen Ventures’ portfolio company Alaco Analytics and will result in an initial ownership stake of 10% in VALEGA with an additional 15% stake conditional on certain milestones. Katalysen Ventures’ chairman Heiner Weber will join the board of VALEGA, and VALEGA becomes the latest addition to Katalysen Ventures’ portfolio.

"We are excited to become an active partner in this powerhouse of digital financial intelligence,” said Peter Almberg, CEO of Katalysen Ventures. "The B2B focus fits us well and the timing is great with MiCA legislation being implemented in 2024”.

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