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Visual Structure has a new CEO

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Posted 7 Oct 2019 by Peter Almberg

VisualStructure is a Fintech Spinoff of the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, co-founded by Professor Malamud and Katalysen. Katalysen has an equity stake of 16%.

Professor Malamud has won multiple awards for his applied research on investment strategies, and has developed several fast, mathematical algorithms underlying the VisualStructure platform.

VisualStructure is quickly progressing from a research project to a commercial company and has recently appointed a new CEO, Andrea Xu. Andrea is bright young computer scientist, and works closely with Professor Malamud and other members of Professor Malamud’s research team at EPFL, the EPFL Center for Digital Trust, and Katalysen.

VisualStructure has developed intelligent algorithms to optimise and visualise trading strategies implemented through options. Options are alternative investment vehicles that are increasing in their popularity and trading volume, and allow traders to efficiently access any asset class including equities, currencies, commodities, and even crypto. The universality of the VisualStructure platform makes it a perfect product for institutions, registered investment advisors, analysts, and retail investors, independent of their prior knowledge of the underlying sophisticated products. Katalysen strongly believes that VisualStructure has the potential to revolutionise the investment industry as a whole.

VisualStructure is connected to the well-known US Fintech options broker Tradier that offers a unique API and commission free option trading. Tradier believes in the potential of VisualStructure to attract millions of new clients to option trading.
Moreover, VisualStructure is in ongoing discussions with large Swiss banks, who see potential in applying the system to the CHF 3 trillion global market for structured products and notes.

VisualStructure has two patents pending, and Katalysen believes that these patents will be highly valuable in making derivative trading more efficient.