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Katalysen initiates The CEO List

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Posted 3 March 2020 by Peter Almberg

At Katalysen, we always strive to become a better Venture Partner. Understanding the needs of our clients is the core and foundation of what we do.

Consequently, in connection with the launch of VenturePort, we are now initiating the work of establishing a forum for the CEOs in our network, The CEO List.

We want this to be the start of something great.

We are truly excited to behold the value creation which will occur when the great minds of the leaders in Katalysen's network join forces and tackle the challenges of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This is a closed gathering, and always will be. It will be for the CEOs of Katalysen's clients only.

Katalysen is entering a new phase and we have realized something about ourselves. Not only are we a Venture Partner. We are also a Network Company.

The roaring 20s has begun and we are enthusiastic about the future; For our clients, our partners and our stakeholders.