Together we make
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Our Team

Peter Almberg

Peter is the founder and CEO of Katalysen. He is a visionary with a leadership style often based on consensus. His favourite areas are innovation, team building, partnerships, deal making, and he thrives on making things happen in general.


Peter Almberg

CEO & Founder
Heiner Weber

As Managing Partner at Katalysen, Heiner runs the firm’s Swiss operations from Geneva, being primarily responsible for Katalysen’s extensive international network of relations.


Heiner Weber

Chairman & Managing Partner
Joakim Helbig

At Katalysen, Joakim is part time CFO and Exit Manager. As CFO at Katalysen he keeps our books, and is a sounding board for our portfolio companies regarding related topics.


Joakim Helbig

CFO & Partner
Tobias Mathiasen

As Chief Operating Officer, Tobias oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Katalysen.


Tobias Mathiasen

Arnold Andersson

Founder of Alta Gradus AB, a deep tech company focused on AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity. Arnold has 25+ years experience from ICT areas, including software development, integration, cloud, and AI. He holds a Ph.D. in bio-chemistry from Uppsala University, and an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.


Arnold Andersson

CTO & Partner
Jakob Eck

As Head of New Investments, Jakob is responsible for sourcing and vetting all new clients and partnerships at Katalysen.


Jakob Eck

Head of New Investments
Emil Ahlanzberg

As Head of Venture Building, Emil is responsible for Katalysen’s engagements with our venture clients.


Emil Ahlanzberg

Head of Venture Building
Thomas Liljeton

Thomas serves as Head of Corporate Finance at Katalysen.


Thomas Liljeton

Head of Corporate Finance
Yuval Ullmann

As our Head of Creative Strategy, Yuval is connecting the dots of concept development, brand DNA, communication and strategy.


Yuval Ullmann

Head of Creative Strategy
Rita Nordström

Rita is a junior analyst at Katalysen, and she works with multiple projects depending on where she is needed the most.


Rita Nordström

Junior Analyst
Anna Pilz Sonnby

Anna is a junior analyst at Katalysen, and she works with multiple projects depending on where she is needed the most.


Anna Pilz Sonnby

Junior Analyst

Our Advisors

Gagik Apkarian

Private Equity

Gagik is the Managing Director of Tetrad Capital Partners, and previously the co-founder of Vulcan Capital – the investment office of Microsoft co-founder Paul G Allen – where he managed a diverse $10Bn+ portfolio.

Over 20 years of experience in private equity, management consulting, and investment banking globally. Gagik holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a B.Sc in mathematics and physics, a B.E. in electrical engineering, and is a judge on Harvard University’s Innovation Challenge.

Alexander Lipton

Quantitative Finance

Co-Founder of Sila and Investimizer, Partner at Numeraire Financial, Professor & Dean’s Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Connection Science Fellow at MIT. Previously at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he served for 10 years as Co-Head of the Global Quantitative Group.

Earlier, he served as Head of Capital Structure Quantitative Research at Citadel Investment Group, as well as other senior managerial positions at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Bankers Trust. In parallel, Alex held several prestigious appointments at EPFL, NYU, Oxford University, Imperial College, and more.

Stephan Meier

Investment Banking

Stephan is an early stage investor, advisor to governments and advisor to large private and institutional funds. Previously, Stephan was the Strategic Clients Partner & Chairman International Wealth Management Latin America at Credit Suisse, member of the Emerging Markets Council, a member of the IWM Management Committee.

Stephan has initiated and orchestrated many large transactions involving companies, PE funds and leading single family offices.

Jonas Mårtenson

Fund Management

Founder of Resscapital AB, a regulated alternative investment fund manager. With a background in international finance, Jonas has worked in fund management and investment banking in Switzerland, Belgium and the UK.

In London he worked at Schroders, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch focusing on selling OTC derivatives and structuring derivative products to European institutional investors. He holds a M.Sc. in International Finance from the School of Economics in Gothenburg.

Claudio Stabon

Venture Capital

An angel investor and advisor to large corporates; Claudio previously worked at McKinsey and Bain, where he was responsible for PE and M&A, and at Cir (an international holding company) where he was responsible for investments. Claudio has deep experience as an investor and principal both in PE/VC and directly worldwide. He has been involved in VC and growth companies in Silicon Valley, Europe, China, and Israel. He has also founded various companies, one of them being the international healthcare group KOS.

Claudio holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Genoa, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Juan M. de Tejada

Private Equity

Partner at Spanish private equity firm Alter Capital, Juan has managed several funds (PE and VC) specialized in early stages and SMEs with ticket sizes between 1 and 4 million euros. He has developed a deep expertise as venture builder, grower, and advisor for corporate development (M&A and restructuring).

He has participated on the board of several firms, including Telemedicine Clinic, Clever Global, Eurona and more. He held senior positions at multinational companies Philips and Schlumberger. He has collaborated as a professor of entrepreneurship at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.


Marcus Wikars

Information Technology

Co-Founder of global interactive communications leader Auga Technologies. Marcus has deep experience developing patent-backed tech for the smartphone age, fashioned and informed by the notion that interactivity can help bridge the gap between offline and online communications.

He has, to date, worked with leading corporations and academic institutions, including Bank of America, Kantar, P&G, Pepsi, eBay, DLA Piper, Ford, the University of Oxford, and many more.

Johan Stakeberg

Scaling SaaS Businesses

Johan has over 20 years of experience in scaling sales organizations. He is highly proficient in enterprise SaaS sales while creating repeatable processes to drive results. Previously the CEO for Oracle Sweden, Johan has also served as Head of Global Sales and later also President at global supply chain SaaS-player Syncron US.

Johan has spent several years in Silicon Valley as well as Asia Pacific, and leads his own investment and advisory business focusing on helping young SaaS companies to scale internationally. Johan also sits on a few boards in Nordic SaaS companies.

Sach Chandaria

Private Equity

Sach is a member of a multi-generational family whose core focus is on nurturing entrepreneurial talent. He has played an active role in the family's businesses in the areas of software, technology, electronics, and media.

A core part of the family’s philosophy is to deploy the majority of the wealth created through these activities towards philanthropic and social objectives. Sach is actively involved in this area, with a specific objective of institutionalizing it as core family activity.

Sach is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Brown University.