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Joakim Helbig

Partner & CFO

At Katalysen, Joakim is part time CFO and Exit Manager. As CFO at Katalysen he keeps our books, and is a sounding board for our portfolio companies regarding related topics.

Joakim is an experienced adventurer and CFO. After a long academic career, he commenced his professional journey in 2006 as controller with software developer Visma. In 2010 he founded his own consultancy and investment business. Since then he has served as CFO for a wide variety of companies, and within a wide range of sectors including Energy, IT, Consulting, and Real Estate. In 2015 Joakim became CFO at Sweden’s fastest growing coworking company, United Spaces.

To work with owner managed businesses, which face their own particular challenges and opportunities, has become a passion and expertise of Joakim’s.