Together we make
it happen

About Us

We are a Venture Partner

Any serious Venture Partner recognizes the same core mission: To ​help young ventures solve problems​, reach milestones, and ultimately ​grow stronger​. Katalysen relies on its own skills and experience, and that amassed within our network, to successfully help solve our clients’ problems, allowing them to focus on their own missions.

Chief among the tools in Katalysen’s toolbox is the addition of our ​expertise in venture building and corporate governance​ ​to assist our clients. Occasionally, we find that the immediate addition of funds to accelerate a project and hit the next crucial milestone is the most appropriate tool in Katalysen’s toolbox, yet this tool is always secondary in value to that of our network.

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We are a Network Company

The strength of Katalysen’s model lies in the combination of being a Venture Partner while also orchestrating an ​invaluable network: Katalysen’s VenturePort​. This network encapsulates the demand, capital, ideas, entrepreneurial energy, experience, and vast know-how of a global tribe of venture builders such as entrepreneurs and investors.

It is this network combined with Katalysen’s own expertise that forms our tried-and-trusted backbone for assisting clients. Crucial is our ability to mine this network for very specific solutions that our clients may need at very specific points in time. These solutions may come in the form of a lead on an early cornerstone customer, the introduction of a technology partner which has the missing piece of your product-puzzle, the addition of specific expertise via a new board member, or the finding of new potential shareholders with vast relevant value beyond the addition of funds.

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We Make It Happen

This unique combination of partnership and network resources ​empowers our clients to focus solely on execution​. This in turn leads to a greater chance of client success, which reduces risk for clients and investors alike, and helps to bridge the gap between groups of traditionally more risk averse investors and our clients. Alignment of interests with client companies and their shareholders further reduces the risk for conflicts of interest, and increases the likelihood of successful funding.

Our commitment to young ventures is strong, we adhere to the partnership principle, and Katalysen lives by the motto “Together we make it happen”. The dedication with which we approach this motto is nothing less than what should be expected from a real partner.