Together we make
it happen

Your Venture Partner

Katalysen & Partners was founded in 2015 by life-long entrepreneur and venture builder Peter Almberg. Today, Katalysen consists of 12 venture builders operating out of two offices (Stockholm and Geneva). As of March 2021, Katalysen has invested expertise and financial capital in 25+ ventures.

We know that many ventures with great ideas never succeed. We also know that many failed ventures could have achieved success with the proper support. Katalysen is that support.

What sets us apart from traditional investors is our combined contribution of hands-on expertise to create and execute growth plans, and financial capital to fuel those growth plans. We call investing expertise “venture building” and investing cash “early-stage investing”. Combined, Katalysen becomes a Venture Partner to our client ventures.

Together with our global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and industry executives, we help ventures of varying stages (from birth to IPO) overcome the many challenges faced on the road to profitability. As your venture partner, we help maximize the chances of success for both your venture and your shareholders. Together we make it happen!