Together we make
it happen


Ensuring B2B payments​ in those big shopping moments when the standard options just aren’t good enough.


Finding new ways to enrich people’s financial lives through technology – whatever they’re doing, wherever they are, every day.

Sharpfin Preview Picture

Automating every aspect of the wealth management process so-as-to enable ​efficient value creation for all​.


Making ​investing in European SME assets​ as easy as buying a t-shirt online.


Leveraging their expertise in sensor synchronization to create brand new data streams in sports.

Alaco Analytics

Helping governments and private institutions ​detect risks​ related to digital assets.


Expertly guiding wealth managers through the rapidly changing landscape of ​sustainable investments​.

Annie Stacks

Building services that help you discover your best self through the power of ​augmented financial intelligence​.


Becoming your trusted client in ​deep tech security​.


Revolutionising​ transmission electron microscopy for sub-visible ​particle analysis​.


Creating ​awesome music​ with a network of awesome talents such as artist Wiktoria and songwriter Max Martin.


Giving everyone access to ​next-generation mobile and internet based phone services​, all from just one device.


Helping nature reclaim the cityscape, ​one rooftop at a time​.

Fleet Street

Developing platforms that discover and unlock latent values in networks.


Leading the way for disruptive learning in shoulder surgery, trauma, and sports medicine.

Invite People

Combining the best of physical and digital events to create the future of information exchange.