Together we make
it happen


We know that many ventures with great ideas never succeed. We also know that many failed ventures could have achieved success with the proper support. Katalysen is that support.

What sets us apart from traditional investors is our contribution of hands-on expertise to create and execute growth plans in addition to financial capital to fuel those growth plans. Combined, Katalysen becomes a Venture Partner to our client ventures.


As your venture partner, we help maximize the chances of success for your venture . This help can come in many forms, for instance by forming a support team for a CEO, sourcing expertise and clients, or structuring and participating in financing.

Katalysen is fortunate to have worked with and learned alongside a large number of ventures from a wide range of sectors spread across multiple continents.


Together with our global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and other sector experts, we help ventures at varying stages (from birth to IPO) overcome the many challenges faced on the road to profitability.

Our strong network of strategic partners ranges from world-class academic institutions to SME stock exchanges and innovation & technology specialists. Together we make it happen!

What we do


Katalysen works with partners. This creates the ability to deliver real results to our typical client, the private growth company.

Our partners are companies, institutions or persons from different parts of the world who either share our interests or offer services within our focus area. Together with its partners, Katalysen builds financial infrastructure and digital services that catalyses growth.

Our partners allow us to develop our Portfolio and to foster Innovation.


The portfolio originates and consists mostly from companies that have paid us in sweat equity, but recently, intellectual property and own developments are added.

Our relationship with the portfolio companies is based on the principle of partnership. We are supportive and active. In nearly all of our companies we have invested in later financing rounds.

We are continuously scouting, on their behalf, for new valuable stakeholders and opportunities.


Innovation needs courage. Katalysen has the courage to invest at an nascent stage in the development of an idea or project. Mostly alone and sometimes together with a brave partner.

We love innovative ideas and we love to share them with our community. We consider Innovation the most important value driver in all our client relationships. Our history and track record shows that we are innovative and can make things happen.